it is rude….

to chat with people and not let them know what you look like. Don’t you think? Does this help?

I’m rather shy about these things. And I’m not being all coy or anything. I really despise having my picture taken. Too many childhood traumas involving my amateur photog mom and her camera, getting admonished not to smirk (annoying little habit of mine). I will not do that to my daughter.

And…probably too many self portraits taken in college, hearing “whyyyyyy do you take pictures of yourself?????” I dunno. Something I had to figure out, I guess.

It’s just not fun. Not like taking pictures of other people and discovering them.  I’m like the girl in that Seinfeld skit that looks nice in one kind of light, and butt ugly in another. True.

But enough already. It’s here to stay. Unless I find something else.


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