hide the celery

Block Improvisation by The Kiddo

that’s the game the past few days around this house. The kiddo is absolutely obsessed with it. Not so much to eat, mind. Though she’ll feign a few chomps here and there, the celery is just a another playtime prop. Seems that the principles in her favorite show, The Wonderpets! adore the stuff. As kid’s shows go, this one isn’t too bad. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming are classroom pets who travel the world in their wonder-capes saving other animals in peril as soon as school lets out. All of the dialogue is sung, as in an operetta. Which pretty much crosses over into conversation between the kiddo and myself, a capella, throughout the day. Anyway, after their feats of bravery and daring-do, our heroes replenish their energy with….celery. I’m lucky I got any of it into the stuffing here.

I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. Except for a bottle of Spanish red gone bad, my own was great. The kiddo ate a bit of everything, which satisfied me. The preparation really made an impression on her…lately, she’s big on “helping”, waltzing around the room with a broom, splashing with the suds in the sink, and stirring things.

The structures in the post are a proud mama moment :> I’m really digging her play these days.


1 Response to “hide the celery”

  1. 1 Betsy November 25, 2006 at 1:21 am

    Did you know that fresh cut celery is my favorite smell? I want to make a line of shampoo and stuff that’s celery scented. It’s the cleanest smell on earth.

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