a sort of Martha Stewart moment…

but in a kinder, gentler fashion…

So I’ve been gathering my recipes up for the big day this month and making shopping lists. I pretty much always make this ahead of time by two or three days for my turkey. Be generous with the maple butter and you will be rewarded with a nice, moist and flavorful turkey….and excellent gravy. My turkeys don’t always looks so good…a little mottled looking instead of that nice, even, golden color, but they nearly always taste good. Except for the first time I brined a turkey for my birthday dinner and used table salt instead of kosher salt. If you’ve never brined a turkey, brining is the way to go. Just, please, if you use table salt, reduce the amount by half, and the turkey will be good to go. Otherwise, you’re in for a mighty salty, inedible turkey.
I usually try a new side every year but haven’t made a decision yet. Maybe something with mushrooms. There’s always creamed onions, and mashed, not marshmallow topped sweet potatoes (apologies to anyone who really likes that…it’s too much for me. I like mine with butter and a little nutmeg). And scalloped corn is a must. I either add bacon or jalapenos for an extra kick.

And then I compliment the whole thing with a nice Reisling. I tried the traditional Beaujolais, but it tastes too rough for me. Mulled wine is good around dessert time.

ok, Martha Stewart moment over…

we now move on to these….aren’t the softies (scroll midpage) freaking cute?!


3 Responses to “a sort of Martha Stewart moment…”

  1. 1 Betty Lou November 14, 2006 at 5:12 pm

    And they are owls to boot!
    I will send you menus of our Thanksgivings past. It’s printed invite and menu type of dinner. Truly lovely. Brined is the only way to go. xxoo

  2. 2 petitmuse November 14, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    thanks. I love hearing about other people’s T-day menus. There’s always a little something different.

  3. 3 Puppycup November 17, 2006 at 4:33 pm

    Ok Martha…any chance I can convince you to create a sidedish for the thanksgiving feast? perhaps that yummy scalloped corn you described with bacon?
    I’ve talked with the other sibs and we’re all looking forward to the day–and oddly enough I think this is the first year in some time that I have not been utterly panicked with hosting. I see cooking, and laughing and fun. The way I remember the old Thanksgivings Mom used to host with her family. How’s that for irony?
    Looking forward to seeing you!

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