this is a passage I like to come back to from time to time, just to remind me of how very connected we are to each other, and to nature in being and in action:

“The body repeats the landscape. They are the source of each other and create each other. We were marked by the seasonal body of earth, by the terrible migrations of people, by the swift turn of a century, verging on change never before experienced on this greening planet”

Meridel LeSueur’s “The Ancient People and the Newly Come”

I ‘ve become curious about exploring this theme in photography. I painted landscapes extensively in high school. I just painted how they made me feel…often in bright, throbbing colors having little to do with the actual likeness of the subject. Then I stopped. Became bored with landscapes as a subject while studying photography…Ansel Adams wasn’t my thing.

When I drive “home” to upstate N.Y., I always note on the long four hour drive the changes and shifts in the landscapes, both man made and natural. And sometimes I’ve even noticed subtle changes in the character of where I lived so many years. I’ve resented and then grown to love my birthplace and the landscapes of rivers and woods, open fields and valleys…are a big part of it. It’s who I am, wherever I am.


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