Mooooo, I miss you

Logged on today to a picture of :shiver: Lori Cabot :shiver:, the official witch of Salem. Brought back some memories of an annual Halloween trek up to Boston, with my pal Moo and a certain queen, where there’d often be wild shopping sprees followed by a swing up to Salem for more shopping and dinner. Somewhere there’s an engraved silver flask with “Samhain” and a date commemorating the first trip. It probably still smells of Amaretto di Sarrono, the spirit of choice in those days.

Moo was, and may still be, a pagan. She is one of the sweetest, most unique people I’ve ever met, a girl who could wear giant cocktail rings on every finger, pajama pants decorated with skulls, black Converse sneakers, accessorized with a genuine Chanel bag, and somehow pull it off. She took me to my first Frank Sinatra concert, in a champagne colored Caddy with the moon roof open on a magical starry night at Great Woods. I explored paganism and found the feminine aspects of it empowering, but felt silly casting spells. Moo didn’t have much luck with her spells either, often referring to herself as Auntie Clara from Bewitched (my favorite childhood show) after another failed love spell involving a penis candle and an essential oil called Beloved.

She would introduce herself as Moo because she loved cows, “her girls”. It amused me when when we were shopping and I’d call “Moo, Moo”, to get her attention on some fabulous find and other customers would look at me strangely.

I only hope the Kiddo meets as many cool people as I have and has as much or more fun.


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