Not made for walkin’

Shoes by Leslie CollierBut I love these anyway. They’re by Jennifer Collier of the U.K. She also does beautiful smocks and jewelry. All in paper. I taught summer theatre to children for three summers, teaching acting and other theatre arts like set design/construction, costume design, and movement. But my primary responsibility was costume design, which meant constructing anywhere from 60-80 costumes for productions like The Hobbit, The Three Musketeers, and my favorite, The Little Mermaid. Some of my creations were largely created from paper, donated from a local paper mill. This heavy, thick, semi-rubbery stuff was durable but flexible. I dressed my mermaids in fish tail skirts made from individual fish scales painted with splatters a la Jackson Pollack, then glazed with pearlescent acrylic washes and scattered glitter. When the mermaids moved, the scales made flapping sounds, as though they were swimming.

I love paper. Crinkly crepe paper. Slick vellum. Tyvek. My co-workers often joked that if I were to be married, my bridal gown would be made of paper. That’s an idea I’d like to see on someone. Imagine the possibilities….

The Kiddo, alas, will not be sporting one of my creations this year. Which is as well, because it’s looking soggy over here. Babci, her grandma, got her a nice, warm and cuddly Pooh costume, which The Kiddo has become quite taken with. There’s still time, sometime.

Ciao. I’m off on a Tag Sale mission. Enjoy the weekend.


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