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Found a couple of blogs that I enjoy hanging out at lately….Recollected, Remade is chockful of crafty stuff that’s mostly made with recycled materials. I love things like that. There’s some cool little shelves made with heavy hardbacks that I wouldn’t mind trying myself. One of my favorite window shopping sites, Cut+Paste has a blog featuring new additions to their store. I love the recycled sweaters from ModToModern, especially the one with the squirrels.

Coo, coo… I found owls! Homemade, from DreamFollow.

I am making some amigurumi animals for Christmas for the Kiddo…a cat and fish to join the rest of the crew on our bed.

Speaking of which, she’s on the floor beside me, playing with her toy food while I try to coax real food into her. She has a new game now. It’s called Egg. In which she is wrapped snugly into her soft blanky or a towel and out of which she “hatches”. She never tires of it. It reminds me some of when she was actually born. When our doctor reached in to get her during the c-section, she wriggled away further up into me. Which is just like her. I think she still wouldn’t mind hanging out inside of me (the mind reels at the thought), she’s like a little koala bear or a joey, hanging onto to me all. the. time. Unless we’re outside. Then it’s fun to make me chase her.

Have a great weekend. I will.


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