I like Lizzie Farley’s work, out of Scotland…especially the pussywillow bowl and the Three Sisters sculpture reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy, another artist I admire.

Took in the Mets-Cards game, sandwiched around Lost. Of course, I could not just watch the game without trying to teach the Kiddo some of the finer points. She was pretty attentive, I must say, nodding her head along. This was a great game for Willie, especially choosing Mota on a hunch to pitch. What amazes me is that they are coming this far without a real pitching rotation. I hope the Yankees are taking notes.

Lost was pretty good. It makes me sad to see Locke played. He and Said are the most intense, interesting, and intelligent characters on the show.  I like Locke’s intuitive quirkiness. But I suppose even swamis have self doubt. Next weeks eppy looks skeery. Needles, people. Oh my.


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