sniff, sniff

I took the Kiddo across the street to a playground behind the church. Before we got there, we’d discovered a yard full of tennis ball sized black walnuts. I picked one up, sniffed it and was instantly transported back in time to my kindergarten days, where I went to a very small school in town for grades k-6. The tennis courts were covered with black walnuts, which the boys would thunk around, naturally. I watched the Kiddo and sniffed my spicy, slightly lemony scented black walnut, while passerby warned me of the staining juices within. I knew that, of course. But I took one home anyway, and set it on my desk.

So this week’s randoms are about aromas and stenches. Let’s see what I can come up with….

1. My mother loves…the smell of gasoline. Blech! I can pump my own gas and hold my breath at the same time. Now you know.

2. The smell of popcorn popping and butter melting at the same time reminds me of my father, who would make a big batch after we’d gone to bed. He’d pour it all into a big paper bag, shaking and mixing salt, corn, and butter. The sound of the shake was an invititation to come down; which we did, charging hard and loud down the stairs. Sweet Dad.

3. I like the taste of honey, but like the smell even more. I buy a dark local brand here from which I swear you can smell individual flowers from the field in one whiff. Heaven.

4. Some may know that the smell of onions frying is one of my very favorite aromas.

5. I abhor the smell of rubbing alcohol. Makes me nauseous. Perhaps because it would be the last thing I’d remember inhaling before I’d pass out after getting a shot on more than one occassion.

6. My sister Pentyne and I, when she was a lass of sixteen or so, used to take early morning walks. We both swore that the putrid, pervasive, townwide stench we’d inhaled one summer was that of all of the community’s dogs taking a collective early morning dump at the same time. Every day. But we were wrong. Actually, it was bacteria rising from water at a wood processing mill some 30 miles away. 30 miles. Gack!

7. My favorite perfume is l’eau d’issey. Beautiful bottle too.

8. Though I used to work at Yankee Candle, scenting the wax and coloring it, my favorite candles are beeswax candles, for the smell alone. I could almost eat them.

9. When I was pregnant, I could not smell raw meat without a wave a nausea coming on.

10. The smell of a newborn baby…clean, fresh, innocent…best smell in the world. I wish it could be bottled.

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