I’m back. My absence is too long and complicated to explain, but know that I’m o.k. Every September, I fall into a sort of drawn out funk where I don’t feel much like doing anything. This usually ends by playoff time, and really gets rolling at around the time of one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. This year, I want to celebrate the Day of the Dead too, after reading up on it. But I’ll expand my thoughts on that later.

I’m still excited about the playoffs, though not for the reason I’d hoped for. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my beloved Yanks in pinstripes running to the mound in celebration of another World series championship (do I sound like a Red Sox fan or what?), but there’s still the Mets and the Cards to cheer for. I used to get really down when these eliminations occured, but after losing a loved one again a couple of years ago, and giving birth, this has slouched down upon my list of priorities in life. But if I had to make a pick…I choose the Mets, because my favorite player of the seventies (old, I am), Willie Randolph, is the skipper, and I’d so love for him to show MLB what he can do after so many attempts at securing a management position. The Cards too are a fine organization with great fans…I’ve really enjoyed chatting with the redbird fans. In fact, my dream WS matchup would be a Cards-Yanks classic. Someday, no doubt.

Emm is fine as well. She’s taken to lounging in her Halloween costume around the house. That is, when she’s not constructing exquisite and complicated towers, “just like the doozers” (on Fraggle Rock). She seems to have a thing for men in hard hats…Bob the Builder, the Doozers, and now, Manny, on the Disney channel. Oh yeah, I have cable now for the first time in five years. I half expected some evil serpent to come slithering out when I turned the tv on, so apprehensive I was about this latest choice. But so far, no ill effects of TV to be found. I’m just glad to have Lost current. I nearly fell of my seat when Kate told Sawyer that he tasted like “fish biscuit”. Ha. And now the focus is on Locke this week. My favorite character.

Be back on Wednesday with more randoms on…something. I haven’t decided yet.


3 Responses to “OK”

  1. 2 petitmuse October 17, 2006 at 10:53 pm


    I forgot to mention how much I missed this. Welcome back.

  2. 3 Puppycup October 20, 2006 at 2:44 pm

    I’m relived to see you posting again–was worried about you. You really need to get a cell phone =/ Just an FYI both sibs will be venturing down to MA for Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll be able to join us. Call when you can so we can catch up on current events and such. And post some picts of Em in her halloween costume- I’d love to see!

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