Random randoms

  1. Is there any place that we can send our kids to anymore? Home schooling is starting to look better by the day.
  2. The playoffs should be a miniseason in its own right. A special summer-fall-sometimes winter hybrid. Exhilerating time of the year. I’m in heaven.
  3. Chicken soup for a cold is good. Chicken soup with mini dumplings…even better. Says the kiddo, who, at the tender age of three, is suffering from her first cold.
  4. And…I realize how lucky I am that we came this far before the first ailment. Bless the makers of Vicks Vapo-rub. Seriously good stuff.
  5. Tis the season for gingersnaps. Double the spices. Cut the flour by half a cup and bake for 8 minutes, closely watched, for softer cookies. So good. So very good. In a wholesome, fresh baked way.
  6. I just spelled flour as “flower”. Again.
  7. Fall is the time of the year when I become an unlikely hybrid of Susie Homemaker and half crazed, manic sports fan, by the way.
  8. My world series prediction of a subway series is diminishing by the day, thanks to 2 starting pitcher injuries for Willie Randolph’s Mets. So much for seeing the great El Duque work his magic  again. Best post season pitcher I’ve ever seen.
  9. Alex Rodriguez still can’t fly under the radar batting sixth, no matter what kind of lineup he’s surrounded with. Sorry, Joe.
  10. This is easy, but is there any star brighter than Derek Jeter this time of the year?? Mega-white hot doesn’t even begin to describe. 5 for 5!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, captain, my captain. Way to step it up, baby!

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