things I’ve noticed about the kiddo lately…

on a random Wednesday:

  1. She seems to be a natural boss, er, “leader”. And has taken to telling little boys what to do on the playground. And… they let to her!
  2. Thus, any concerns I’d had regarding her inheriting the shy gene have vanished.
  3. She now considers marshmallow fluff to be a separate food group and a legitimate breakfast.
  4. She could have knocked me over with a feather the other day when she exclaimed “Ohhhh, Mommy, you look so nice”. For the first time.
  5. She’s already started raiding my closets and seems to have a preference for nice silk blouses.
  6. Still has no particular interest in playing with dolls, though she’ll pick up my old Mrs. Beasley doll once in awhile and twirl her around.
  7. Never, not even two months later, lets me forget that she’d wanted the yellow Crocs, not the green ones I’d selected as the wiser fashion choice. Dirty yellow Crocs. Ick.
  8. Is obsessed with cupcakes lately. Homemade, of course.
  9. Thinks parmesan cheese is called “farmer John cheese”.
  10. She no longer qualifies as a “baby”…though it’s still my pet name for her.

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