bits and pieces…

I’m feeling somewhat bad…well, not exactly bad…let’s say guilty, a little, about my previous rant regarding the newspaper. I’ve basically outgrown tantrums, for the most part. But I still dislike the Tribune. I think they’re cheap. I sympathise with the changes going on in the industry, particularly with newspapers, but just hacking away bluntly at a product without reader input is not the way to do business. The good news is that most of my favorite columnists will still be available. They’ll just be in other parts of the main paper, like the Life section. Hey, maybe the “food critic” I love to hate, Michael Gannon, will flounce in a huff. I can dream, anyway.

I’m still not satisfied though. Part of the appeal of the Northeast was finding perspectives and slices of life in one place, alongside each other, melding and complimenting each other. Now they’re scattered around like adopted stepchildren. It won’t be the same. Should I even care? Why does this bother me so much, I ask myself? Probably because with the exception of the library and a few local programs like the Nature Center and the local organic farm/art center, I haven’t felt as much community in Connecticut as I’ve felt other places I’ve lived. Everywhere I go,  even on vacation, I have to check out the local paper. And for seven years, this section of the paper has been my connection to the community I live in.


I’d mentioned in a meme that I have frequent strange dreams. This one reoccuring dream has me miffed. Every time it visits me, I wonder at the existential possibilities, if there are any.

In this dream, which I’ve had five or six times in the last year, I am foraging around in my favorite store…a thrift shop. I’ve never really been to this particular thrift shop, in fact, it doesn’t really exist except in my dreams, but I recognize it instantly. It’s on a street in Northampton, where I used to live. It’s huge. I find lots of vintage clothes and various treasures. Never any books though. Odd. There is one section that I try to get to every single time, but I wake up before I get there.

What does this mean? Is this fictional thrift shop some idea of heaven, only I haven’t gotten there yet? Or is it life, and this room represents something important that I haven’t gotten to yet? Or….does it mean merely that I spend too much time slumming around in thrift shops and need an intervention?



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  1. 1 Thamesportal September 29, 2006 at 1:41 am

    “skin teeth” to laugh at someone or give them a Invernesshire come down, get ready (as to prepare to play a tune) (6)

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