snarfing happily…

on harvest mix. Never touched the stuff before Emm came along, now she’s got me hooked. It is one among her favorite candies. I like the pumpkins the best. And the candy corn must be the traditional white/orange/yellow kind, not the Indian corn. I have to nibble it section by section, with usually the white end first. They really don’t taste that different, by color, but I can’t bring myself to just chonk it down whole. Nibbling extends the pleasure, makes it a almost a ritual.

I feel sorry for cultures that don’t have Halloween. I love it almost more than Christmas. But then, we don’t have anything like Carnival, either. That’s what I think we need….a weeklong festival of Halloween/Carnival like activity, full of mad creativity and play. Seriously. There’s just not enough creativity and imagination infused into our culture. Learning would be so much easier and accessible if it were more creative. What scares people so about creativity? Failure? Perhaps.

C. and I almost made the mistake of depriving Emm of a vital part of childhood fantasy life in the name of honesty. We both felt foolish conjuring up stories of Santa Claus, only to eventually get caught in a lie. But fuck it, this year, Santa Claus is coming.

Let her run with it.


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