An’ I like cheese too…

Movies I Secretly Like:

as in things that aren’t neccessarily on my favorites list, and some of which are of questionable taste and perhaps out of character for me. I like them best on a day when I’m not feeling too good.

I’ll carry my cheesy music tastes to the grave, however.

1. My Best Friend’s Wedding…Julia’s deviousness is fun and Rupert Everett is hot, fab, and totally best friend material.

2. Love Story….Fab wardrobe on Ali, who is the sweetest girlfriend and wife ever. Guilty pleasure #1.

3. Meet the Parents…always makes me laugh. Deniro’s obsession with his cat cracks me up.

4. Flashdance…cheesy 80’s stuff…I used to wear alot of Jennifer Beal’s clothes in that movie. But not the ripped sweatshirts. I have very sentimental feelings for my army jacket. I’m past the music though.  

5. Desperately Seeking Susan…same as Flashdance. Madonna was so fresh then.

6. Catch Me If You Can….Just a fun romp. DiCaprio is perfectly cast.

7. The Hunger…Beautiful, sexy vampires…what’s not to like??

8. Mr. and Mrs. Smith…I love Ang in this. She has the best lines.

9. Pushing Tin…He’s not Lloyd Dobler here, but John Cusack is still cute and funny, even when he’s insecure. Billy Bob does a great Buddha on the Mountaintop.

10. Hudsocker Proxy…underated Coen brothers film. Actually, the hoola hoop scene on the street is my favorite part.

11. Reality Bites…Felix and I spent two semesters watching this movie. We tag lines from it into the subject lines of our emails. So this is a sentimental choice. I never did care for Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” though.

12. Almost Famous…It’s just sweet and young, and Kate Hudson is luminous here. When she gets her heart broken, that second where she goes from humiliated to faux proud is beautiful. I have nightmares about becoming that kind of mom in this movie.


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