The usual random Wednesday thoughts, this time on words, in all their forms….

1. When I’d finished reading  Hannibal, the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs, I threw it across the room, then made it into a book sculpture the next day. It was an awful book, but the hardback’s  insides had a great pattern going on that went well with my folded paper sculpture. I am very mean to art that doesn’t meet my standards. Bad.

2. I have four different copies of the Tao Te King. No particular favorite though.

3. I still get the shivers when I think of some of the bad poetry I had to endure in creative writing class. “Death comes riding astride a white horse…”, for example. Hello, Jim Morrisson called. He wants his angst back.

4. I’ve never finished any of the russian novels I’ve started. The names confuse me. Too many. Or maybe I choose bad translations.

5. Since I’ve had Emm, I can count on one hand, and still have leftover fingers, the number of novels I have read. That has to change.

6. I wish I loved Anne Sexton’s recordings as much as I love reading her poetry. Her delivery is too dramatic for me. It was pretty cool, listening to Dylan Thomas’s voice for the first time though. It’s true that poetry is best heard aloud.

7. Magical realism is my favorite genre of fiction. Think  Rushdie, Garcia-Marquez, Allende, et al.

8. My most cherished and missed memory is reading the newspaper together with my father as a child and discussing the news like two adults. Never patronized me or watered things down.  Later, we would fight over the sports section. He made me love newspapers…I would read five or six a day at one point.

9. That said, I agree with my pal Erica that the newspapers are all going to hell. And that makes me very sad.

10. By the time I was ten, I’d finished reading The Book. I don’t consider myself a christian anymore, but I still think the Old Testament has some fabulous stories , Jonah and the Whale and all the prophet stories among them.


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