ittle things and strange dreams

This dream is too wierd not to share. Last night I dreamt that I was back in my hometown with my brothers and sisters and we were trick or treating. But all the candy we got was….Easter candy. In pink and purple foil, or in pastel plastic eggs. And sometimes, we had to go find the candy in people’s yards. Strange. Gotta love a dream with candy in it though.

I blame it on the weather. It’s so chilly here and wet that I feel in my bones that I should be at the pumpkin patch or out on the soccer field slogging around, though I haven’t played in over twenty years. Every year in the fall I feel that way.

This is the time of the year when I amp my yarnwork up. I have this hankering to make….socks. Cabled ones. Though I’ve never knit on four needles or in the round. Hmm. I used to do alot of cabled sweaters when I had the time. I like the sculptural feel. Since I’ve had Emm, every project I do these days is small. Things I can carry around.

I miss small baby Emm and carrying her around. I wish she could have stayed that way forever. Or for a few years more, anyway. *sigh*. Perhaps I need a kitty.

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