I feel utterly silly today:

1. The strangest job I’ve ever had isn’t exactly strange unless one compares it to my other jobs (writer, graphic designer, student teacher, restaurant slave). For one summer, I toiled as a wax prep at the Yankee Candle factory. Which means I colored and scented the hot wax for the candles. I could tell you anything you ever wanted to know about wax grades and candle making. Oh wait..there’s the small matter of that confidentiality agreement I’d signed. Doesn’t that sound naughty…hot wax and a confidentiality agreement?

2. I have never dated any of the fellows from my hometown in N.Y. Can you believe that? My mom can’t.

3. According to my mother, my first words were: see, hi, pretty (priorities!), and doggy.

4. Impeccable manners are….utterly hot.

5. The Tourrette scene between the son and Bill Murphy cracks me up every single time in What About Bob

6.  When I’m…tipsy…my speech lapses into a faux-Brit accent. Strange.

7. I’m puzzled by my diminishing ability to spell things correctly the first time around. I used to be a crack speller.

8. Raisins ick me out. And rum raisin ice cream…Ewwwww!!!!!    

9. When I’m upset I like to….clean. As in roll your sleeves up scrub inside and out clean. My entire family has this gene, er, trait. But I’m not often mad.

10. Weeba-Weeba!


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