baker’s dozen

I’m cobbing Betsy’s idea. But the selections are all mine:


1. Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club
2. Kool Thing – Sonic Youth
3. Amazing Grace- Throwing Muses
4. Rain Rain Rain – Bettie Serveert
5. Shameless – Ani Difranco
6. Ball and Biscuit – White Stripes
7. Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple
8. If You Were the Woman.- Cowboy Junkies
9. One More Color – Jane Siberry
10. Unravel – Bjork
11. Martha – Tom Waits
12. Just Call Me Joe – Sinead O’Connor
13. Good Night Moon – Shivaree

It is a quiet day here today. After this I am testing a cold porcelain recipe for making various nifties. Later I will go see my sister Pentyne. We will go see Wallado. It’s her birthday today.

I am missing the wild turkeys at the old place. And knowing I’ll not see them hanging out behind my white picket fence.

Also missing Moo Wichrowski (where are you, girl?) and her pretty rings on every finger, the car tapes, Chanel expeditions, Sinatra, Salem, and our beehive ‘do’s. And I seem to have misplaced that quilted flask she gave me :<

Most of all, I miss Wallado and her sly humor, sweet generosity, good sense, sensitivity, and her impeccable beauty.

I am in a state today. Bleah.

But I have discovered Laura Normandin. Nice work.

Oh, and I found a cool relatively new Ebay store Bleubird Vintage. Love, love, love the pink flutter slip dress.


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