i never did figure out the riddle in this…

Claudia Wilson Gator: [to Jim] I’ll tell you everything, and you tell me everything. And maybe we can get through the piss, shit, and lies that kill other people
[Claudia kisses Jim]

Claudia Wilson Gator: I wanted to do that.

Claudia Wilson Gator: That felt good to do – to do what I wanted to do.


This should really be in my profile. It’s one of my favorite films. I don’t watch it too often because it’s ungodly long. And it makes me cry. The first time I watched it though,  I felt really mad and  wanted to throw things at my television. The frogs. Oh, and that group sing along. The frogs, I’d felt, were unneccessary; pretentious even. Indulgent. And though I understand the logic behind the frogs, I could still live without them, though they are kind of funny now.

Philip Seymour-Hoffman rules. And does anyone one who likes this movie not love the cop?? O.k., I’ve never actually met a cop like this one. Ca sera.

What it always comes down to is the cop and Claudia, and watching every scene between them as they pursue something that threatens to be so far  out of their individual grasps. Their honesty just sends me. By the time he walks into the  room at the end and she lifts her head with that little smile creeping across her face, I’m a puddle.

In other news, dear Emm has woke me up at the evil hour of five o’clock in the morning three straight days now. That, and the diminishing number of naps around here are killing me.

Oh, and this has some cute things. I loved the Threadless Nude No More stuff in the middle. And the Modaspia tree skirt too. Charming, no?

Is the top postcard here not sad?


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