really randoms…

Today I am going to post what is known in the newspaper business as filler.


10 Really Randoms:

1. I have never read a Harry Potter book. And I don’t care if I ever do.

2. For that matter, I had to stop reading The DaVinci Code after one chapter. Bad writing! Bad!

3. I’m a pain in the ass snob about some things. But never about people.

4.I have an aversion to the telephone.

5. My favorite liquer is Chartreuse, a wonderful green (and sometimes yellow) liquid made by French monks from an ancient, super secret recipe containing over 100 botanicals. Must be drunk straight from gently warmed glasses. Especially good in the winter.
6. I could eat Pad Thai every single day.Maybe 3 times daily if my arm was pulled. A gentle tug would do the trick.

7. I make lousy pancakes. Emm doesn’t hold it against me.

8. I despise musicals.They make me cringe.

9.My best friend and I have both shared the same nickname, Private Benjamin, at different times in our lives.

10.I secretly half believe that the fact that I cloth diapered should grant me special perks or at least exempt me from various icks in life like taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, and going through the refrigerator. Alas, the Cloth Diaper Fairy ignores me. It is, however, the driving rationale behind all shoe aquisitions.


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