because it’s important…

that things smell good.

My flannel blanket doesn’t smell like sour yogurt anymore. Just in case you were wondering. Or cared, for that matter. A dash of white vinegar in the rinse took care of that crisis.

But while I’m on the subject….

I learned a cool blanket trick while I was in Norway that I thought I’d pass along. No, it does not include knots and bedposts. Mind out of the gutter, you.

Before I share this little trick with you, let me first begin by stepping forward and revealing myself as a:

:whisper: blanket thief :whisper:

Yes I am. And…. sometimes…ok, frequently,  on cold and wintry nights, or frigid, air conditioned ones,  this has been a problem.

But in my defense:

it’s not that I actually need the blankets…I’m always hot… problem is, I just, uh, travel alot. Given the real estate and the opportunity,  I will rotate around my bed like the hands of a clock. Start out at 12 o’clock, wake up in the 6 o’clock, or  9 o’clock position on the bed. C. and Emm, on the other hand, lay as still and stiff as a board, flat on their backs, the entire night. It used to freak me out at first. I’d poke C. a couple of times periodically just to make sure I didn’t need to call 911 to report a dead body in my bed (one among  my worst nightmares). Anyway, this innocent trait makes them easy prey for  blanket larceny.

So I this is what I do, this is the trick:

Take one blanket, fold in half, stick it on one side of the bed, with the fold inside, facing center.

Take another blanket, and do the same. Stick it on the other side of the bed.

Voila! So simple. Each has their own blanket. Aren’t you glad you waded through all of that rigamarole for this? If this arrangement jars your aesthetic senses (it does mine), throw another blanket or spread on top.

This nifty little trick has saved me from petty bickering a-plenty.  We never go to sleep angry (as they sagely advise at all those lame bridal showers) or annoyed or anything. Because…we each have our own blankets.

All thanks to Norway. Never saw it done anywhere else.

It’s actually tough to annoy a Norwegian, however. Though-trust me folks-it can be done. Just not with a blanket.

Generally, they are such a sensible, easy going lot. And so healthy! I never met a neurotic Norwegian the entire time I was there. Not one.  Which is strange company for those of us who take pride in our proclivities and sort, catalogue, and compare each one like girl scout badges in eccentricity with our fellow neurotic friends (we always find each other).

Nope, Norwegians are calm, cool, and philosophical about everything. Even as they listen, patiently, as you air out all of your assorted little phobias during long car rides along their twisted, rambling roads.

But maybe that’s why The Scream was painted there.


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