smells like…like…

So since the move, I’ve been trying to embrace domesticity again. Fresh start and all that. I’m good on the cooking front, and I can organize anything, but the other stuff, the uncreative stuff like doing the wash, dusting, cleaning…all that…I sometimes lapse and have to recalibrate. Though I have, like my mother, fallen in love with my vacuum cleaner. It’s a Dyson, and I treat it like a second child. So  I can feed people and they could eat off of my floors if they wanted to.

I thought I was getting closer to getting the wash down, what with the new clothesline and all. Things smelled good. Fresh. And I was doing something good by the environment.  I felt like a throwback and yet progressively conscientious at the same time.

But now I’ve hit speedbump of sorts.

I gave C. my favorite flannel blanket (stupid, stupid me) to cover some furniture during the move. Somehow it got into the basement of a friend’s house and finally back to me a few days ago, smelling, without explanation,  like dog. But no problem, I’ll wash it, right? I did just  that and hung it up to dry and then plopped it onto the bed right next to a fan. And immediately, I noticed that  it now smelled like….feet. Ok, back it goes into the washer, this time with extra Tide and set to super wash. I just took it out of the washer, and it, and the towels I threw in there smell like…like….sour yogurt.

I’m afraid to wash it again…what foul stench am I going to get next?

I don’t know what to do. How do people solve these things? Besides google? And who wants to put in the time?? Besides, how could this happen to me? I cloth diapered for chrissakes! Without an incident of just this sort, I might add.

I suppose…I could just get a new blanket. It only took me 7 years to get it this soft. It was the first thing I bought when I got back from Norway. :sniff:

As I said earlier, I’m all weepy these days.


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