she has manners, at least

A little exchange with Emm today during our walk at an intersection:

Me: (politely) Sweetie can I have your hand?

Emm: Oh. Oh, no. Thanks. I need my hand. It’s my hand, Mommy.

This pretty much sums up her entire attitude these days. *Sigh*.

Lately, I’ve been really weepy . And I’m not sure why. I went to the Mobil station yesterday to gas up and inside, on the counter, was a collection jug for a little girl with ovarian cancer. She must have been eight. I just about collapsed into tears on the counter and had to hold on before I started stuffing all my change into the jug. I don’t understand the world and how these things go sometimes.

I read an article in Oprah’s magazine on coal mining and modern extraction practices and that was depressing. It seems in West Virginia, they actually take down the mountain (or the top?), instead of going inside, and it’s wreaking havoc on the landscape and the air quality. I was surprised to learn how dramatically the country’s dependence on coal has increased in recent years. I’d like to read more. The women fighting the coal industry are brave people.

And lastly, I have to say, or reiterate: plastic sucks. I just spent the entire afternoon constructing Emm’s plastic little tykes cube/slide and wrestling with it, and soap, and water. It’s a cool climbing toy, but a freaking bitch to put together. And I actually like putting things together. I’ve never really cared for plastic and avoided it quite successfully until I had Emm. With kids comes plastic, it seems. Everywhere. Should I feel better that I bought it second hand and therefore it is somewhat recycled? 😛

oh, oh, oh…..Barry Zito just fired seven awesome innings against the Orioles today. Barry Zito is cute. Barry Zito does yoga. Barry Zito has a Cy Young. Why can’t the Yankees get Barry Zito instead of……Sydney. freaking.Ponson? We didn’t used to be a freaking pinstriped graveyard for washed up has-beens. Five years. Five.years….

So anyway, I’m going to go watch Cary Grant. Thank heavens for Cary Grant.


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