So we’ve begun settling in.

I have my washing machine back, and finally, I have my clothesline. The laundry is hung up and flapping on the line as I am typing. I am happy.

C. has his paper towels, the ones I dismiss as an environmental waste hanging properly above the kitchen sink. So he is happy.

Emm has chatted up and charmed the neighbors, after making inquiries about the area dandelions. Not that she’d find many in these parts…it is quite manicured here. She’s just going to have to discover a new favorite flower. To be three again.

Last night she went walking with her dad and came back soaking wet after rushing headlong into a sprinkler system. The kid loves water. And the refrigerator, I’m discovering. I can’t seem to keep it closed. And yesterday she made off with a half a bag of double chocolate cookie sandwiches when I was out hanging up some laundry.

She calls every woman she meets “sister”. I can’t seem to explain that one right to her, but it charms people, and me,  nonetheless. And, in a sense, she’s right.

I don’t miss the old place yet. I’m surprised because when I moved there I was so charmed and immediately took up with a Walden/back to the land fantasy. I have a secret farm girl in me, though I draw the line at wearing those trendy aprons.

Although I used to wish my mother would wear one because…because…I just thought that’s what moms did. Of course I now know better.

Last night I watched The Libertine. Long live Johnny Depp. Samantha Morton was fantastic, as usual. I would love to see her more. She is so underused. Her character was brilliant and oh so cold. Damn!

And that…is all.


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