A- Apples….what’s your favorite? Macoum

B- Boat….fun or scary? I like the idea, but they make me nervous too.

C- Christmas…fun or stressful? Oh so fun!

D- Dancing….yes or no? Nope

E- Europe….ever been? Once

F- Fruit….good or icky? If it’s cooked or juiced, it’s good.

G- Guitars…..acoustic or electric? I like both. Acoustic maybe a little better.

H- Hate anyone? No

I- I….. am taking a break from unpacking and setting up house

J- Job? Mom

K- Ketchup or mustard? Mustard. With horseradish please.

L- Love is….. something organic. You know, it changes shape and all that.

M- Mild or Hot? Hot :>

N- thing you’d definitely say NO to: Sushi

iO- Others think I’m: Thoughtful.

P- Funny PICKUP line? It’s been so long since I’ve heard those. Thank God.

Q- favorite Quiet thing to do? Sleep

R- Random thing in the room: Wooden bird cage.

S- Saturdays are: are for playing or watching baseball.

T- Today’s plans are: to tackle another room

U- up or down?: Elevation, please.

V- next Vacation? probably Cape Cod.

W-You WISH you were: Done settling in here.

X- Had any X-rays?: Um…. yeah.

Y- Yesterday or tomorrow?: Tomorrow’s another day.

Z- ZZZZZ, your bedtime is: Whenever



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