less filling…

No carbs! More randoms….

1. I was under the mistaken impression as a child that my grandfather owned about half the town. This I believed because every Christmas, he would paint beautiful Christmas scenes on all of the bank and store windows. They must be his windows if they let him do that. So reckoned the six year old.

2. I enjoy the zen relaxation of polishing silver.

3. I fall asleep trying to watch Lawrence of Arabia every.single.time.

4. Has Kate Winslet ever been awful in any movie? I don’t thinks so. Though there is the questionable choice of The Titanic. Boring, yes. But not awful.

5. I’ve got this feelin’….that it’s going to be a N.Y. vs. N.Y. World Series this year. Fingers crossed.

6. Sorry, ladies, but Crocs look bad on females over the age of 8 in public, unless at the beach. *still shivering over this one after an evening out at the carnival with rainbow hued crocs on large feet out in force*

7. The most interesting advice I’ve ever received was to answer the phone like “Audrey Hepburn after two cocktails” at work.

8. Contact lenses creep me out.

9. In situ is one of my favorite words. Just the sound of it. Smooth. Don’t get much chance to use it though. So here it is. In situ. In situ. In situ. Doesn’t it sound like it belongs in haiku?

10. I knew this would happen. Lameoba (Leiberman-Lamont) has NOT gone away. It has in fact grown another head and will roar on until at least November. :sigh:

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