as you like lit….

I polled a forum a couple of days ago on their favorite literary heartthrobs. I got some new suggestions that I’ll have to investigate, which was what I was after.

The overwhelming favorite, predictably, I might add, was Austen’s Mr. Darcy. I wish I could agree, but I don’t. Can’t. One, I’m not a fan of Austen at all. Two, I think Mr. Darcy is pompous ass just begging for a kick-me sign posted preferably on his posterior. Insufferable. Ugh.

But to each their own.


Atticus Finch was a worthy and second popular choice. Except that he reminds me of my brother and my father just a bit, and I just can’t go there.

Oh, and Dylan Thomas got a mention from another poster, and I just have to say yes, oh yes, yes, yes.  Diamond in the rough, tragic genius, a mesmerizing voice…and a poet!

I do have a small crush on
this guy: Bloggers/Reporters are literary, right?

My  favorite is classic and predictable, though: Heathcliff. After all these years, he is still, and totally, my number one.


He’s just a character, I know, but I feel totally at home in those pages and definitely “get” him. Whenever I’ve been in love, I find myself wishing that my beloved and I grew up together and knew each other all of our lives, just like Heathcliff and Cathy did.

Heathcliff  is only a literary “thing”, though, because I’ve yet to watch a cinema version of Wuthering Heights that I like. It’s like they’re all trying to hard and come up short. I had high hopes for the Ralphe Feinnes version especially. His voice sends me.

I am way, way behind at Sunday Scribbles. For good reason: we have just moved. Up to my eyeballs in boxes and decluttering and all that. It’s all good though…I like it here. And Emma walks from room to room proclaiming her love for the new house. Life is good.

Ok, back to unpacking.


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